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List of substantives after the declension types

Warning: In the columns you can see declension type, phonetic class, examples, symbol of declension type in Słownik gramatyczny języka polskiego (see bibliography). The numbering of phonetic classes is described here and here. Explanations to symbols in the right column of the tables are here.

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Symbols by the type numbers
* floating e
** floating e and consonantal alternations
*** floating o and consonantal alternations
' alternations ó : o, ± : ę
'' alternation ± : ę; ę only in D lm ~y and N lm ~mi
^ alternations o : e, a : e
@ other irregularities
Indices by the words
(xyz) meaning
(m) town or village name
1, 2, 3, … alternative declension type
69:9 alternatively after 69 type, 9 phonetic class
89:lp alternatively after 89 type, singular
114@ alternatively D lm ~0 with stem changes
(6) W lp has the alternative ending ~e (with stem alternations)
(65) D lp (not B lp) has the alternative ending ~u
(77) alternative ending C lp ~u
(79) alternative ending MBW lm ~e (not palatalizing)
(96) alternative ending MBW lm ~a
(101) alternative ending D lm ~ów
# also masculine-personal
$ also masculine animate
do not have masculine-personal form of M lm
% W lp replaced by M lp
+ both parts of the word are declinated
= alternative ending Ms lp ~o
alternative ending N lm ~mi


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